Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What is it about Gyros?

I was at this really neat store called Land & Sea Market here in Tampa this weekend to get the red snapper for my Red Snapper Alicante. While waiting by the fish case I was checking things out. They had these really fresh looking gyros meat slices along with real, gyros-type pita breads and fresh sauce. So I picked up all the fixing and decided to make them tonight. I have been waiting since Saturday to finally eat them. They looked so good in the package and I had so much hope. Disappointed again. In the past I have tried the mass produced Gyros kit from the grocery store and I wasn't happy with those either. Nothing is ever good enough as which I can get at a fast food restaurant.

So what is about Gyros that is so hard to create at home. Has anyone ever been able to make good gyros themselves?

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Brilynn said...

A while back I back lamb "gyros" for a test recipe for cooks illustrated. They were really good, but they definitely weren't authentic gyros, so I guess that doesn't help...