Thursday, January 11, 2007

No Winner on Top Chef

Top Chef was kind of a disaster this week. It started out with a fun quick-fire challenge. The Chefs has to take the "Kraft Gourmet Snack Challenge". They were provided with mayo, zesty italian dressing and barbeque sauce and had to create a snack. Sam's tempura with pickled peaches won.

It got really stressful for the elimination challenge. The group was split into two teams of three people each. And they had to set up their own RESTAURANT. Marcel, Cliff and Elia opt for a "diner" approach with hamburgers as the main course. Of course it was a gourmet diner though. Ilan, Sam and Mike went with an Italian theme. The diner served beer but the Italian one didn't serve any alcohol so they got a lot of negative feedback from the customers from that. Both teams had so many messes and poor service at the front of the restaurant that the judges couldn't declare a winner.

All six chefs were judged and had the risk of being sent home. In the end, Mike was the one who had to pack up his knives. It's about time I think . . . Except for last week, he always seemed to be not up to par in his culinary skills.

Now it should start getting interesting. I think Marcel may be the next one to do as I don't believe he has ever one any challenges. And he apparently has an attitude problem that might get in his way. Elia, Cliff, Sam and Ilan seem to be the top four. I guess we'll find out next week

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