Sunday, January 7, 2007

Exploring the Papaya

I bought some papaya when I was at the store the other day. I have had papaya before at restaurants and I think there is some in the Dole fruit cups that I like to eat. But I have never handled one before.

Thankfully, it came packaged already cut in half. But I didn't know how to eat it. Sometimes I feel like such an idiot when I don't know how to eat a certain food. But in my dorky way I also think it is fun to figure out. There are these black seeds in the middle. I tasted one and it was soft and reminded me of a pomegranate. But it didn't taste very good so I gave them as a treat to my parrot. He hasn't touched them yet.

There is also a soft skin on the fruit. Is this edible? I wasn't sure. So I just sliced it up and ate the fruit out of it, kind of how you would eat the inside out of a sliced orange. It was then I decided to check online and I found out that you are supposed to cut away the skin. The parrot got the leftover skin as well, and that he loves.

I found a clip of The Hippy Gourmet slicing up mangoes and papayas to make salsa. He shows you just how to prepare the fruit.

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adline said...

Hi Rachel, I'm from Malaysia, where papayas are plentiful and cheap. Just scoop out the black seeds with your hands. Then, you could eat the flesh with a spoon, with the skin acting as a bowl. That's how I like to eat it.