Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Foodie Transitions

I can't believed how I've slacked in my foodie blogging! I've been doing lots of foodie things, but not cooking. Summer has come and gone and I never grilled one thing. I did get to take a few trips though which have allowed me to cross off a few more things on foodie project. I've been to Vancouver, Alaska and Chicago and have had lots of good food and wine at some really great restaurants.

I still have two food-blogging blockers right now . . . 1) My camera is broken; and 2) I'm moving out of state. Back to Chicago I go, just in time for fall. So since I'm in the process of moving, and it's been a fluctuating date, I haven't been keeping much food in my house. But now I'm definitely set on the 3rd week of September. And the best part about that is there will be a Whole Foods two blocks from my house!

On another note, I have changed my eating habits quite a bit. After reading The Omnivore's Dilemma and Skinny Bitch this past year, I'm eating mostly vegan. Not that I won't eat meat or dairy or eggs, but I'm focusing on organics if I do. And for now I'm eating lots of veggies and beans.

So the fun part is that now I'm going through all my existing cookbooks and looking at all the veggie recipes with a different point of view. Lots of good things to cook! I can't wait to get to Chicago and get settled and START COOKING!