Monday, January 15, 2007

Tag: 6 Weird Foodie Things

I've been tagged by Paula at mango&lime with a meme to list 6 weird things about me. Since this is my foodie blog, I kept my list food related.

1. I don't mind cold coffee. In a previous life I used to work long, long, long hours and got used to the pot being cold late at night when I went into the lunchroom.

2. I let my bird eat with me. He usually hangs out on my shoulder and then reaches down to grab a bite of food. His favorite thing is to stand on the edge of the salad bowl and pick out the pine nuts I put in there.

3. I rarely create my own food ideas. I am a complete recipe addict and I usually follow them to the letter. There are just too many things that I want to try and I never developed the natural talent to combine my own ingredients into something recreatable.

4. I judge sushi restaurants based on thier spicy tuna rolls. I figure if those are good, than everything will be good.

5. Almost every night I make myself a cup of tea which I always forget about it. I usually get sucked into TV or my computer. I don't see it until I go turn off the light in the kitchen right before bed and by that time it's cold.

6. I often make complicated lamb recipes because they sound so good and I forget that I don't really like lamb.

Now I get to tag some people!

1. Sandi at Whistlestop Cafe

2. Claire at Cooking is Medicine

3. Kristen at Dine & Dish

4. Becky at Key Lime & Coconut

5. Kate at Kate in the Kitchen

6. Sarina at TriniGourmet


Claire said...

Well, thanks! I've done a meme like this already but will try and come up with some new food oddities that I have...I know there must be many! BTW, cold coffee???? Ick!

The TriniGourmet said...

that is sooo cute about your bird tho *lol* !! :) O.K. gonna think up mine :D

rachel said...

claire, don't do it again! can you list a link to yours so we can see it?

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe said...

There is a fine line between weird things...and weird things you want people to know.
Sharing your salad with a bird?~weird!

rachel said...

you guys are so funny! thanks for responding to the meme. i loved reading all of your weird things :)

Kristen said...

Thanks for the tag. I'll get on this right away :)

Kristen said...

I finally did this and posted it on my site today. Sorry it took me so long!

Lilandra said...

You're so right. I told my sister here that the sushi restaurant we go to doesn't make an awesome spicy tuna roll. It's not even on the menu. I love spicy tuna rolls. And the sushi...seems to be lacking a bit...and I don't think I even had such high class sushi.