Saturday, January 6, 2007

Trini's Curried Pumpkin and Rice

Coffer over at My Khazana of Recipes has started a new blogging event. January's theme for the first Monthly Blogging Patrol is Around the World.

Earlier this week I found the recipe for Curried Pumpkin and Rice on Her photo of the finished dish looked so amazing. When I read the ingredients I was hooked. Curry and Pumpkin. Two things I have wanted to start cooking more with. As a matter of fact, I have never cooked anything with a fresh pumpkin before so I got excited and immediately added the ingredients needed to my grocery list.

I will admit that I had a bit of an adventure trying to find a pumpkin in January. I know they are really popular in October and November, but I assumed I could get them year round. Not true, at least at the supermarkets near me here in Florida. My backup plan was to use a butternut squash or something like that. But I couldn't find any of those either. Finally I spotted some type of squash thing near the cut up cantaloupe and fresh papaya. It was called Squash Calabaza. I asked the guy at the counter if it was similar to a pumpkin. He said it's Spanish pumpkin. So I was set.

There so many reasons I can recommend trying this recipe. Here are my top 5 (except for the obvious that it tastes great):

1. This meal for 6 costs less than $10
2. You get to cook with fun ingredients like pumpkin and curry
3. It is very filling and very healthy. You can even use brown rice if you want.
4. Leftovers! This will make great lunches throughout the week.
5. Your house will smell great while it's cooking.

The final dish comes out more like and Italian Risotto than what I consider to be a traditional, saucy curry. And while it is filling, unlike Risotto, it is not overly heavy. It is almost refreshingly fulfilling if that makes sense. There must be something about the pumpkin. I did prefer it when I left my pumpkin in cubes rather than smashing the bits up as the recipe suggests. And I added a lot of Cilantro because that added an element of freshness.

Be hungry when you make this because the recipe makes yields quite a bit of food. I already have two Tupperware containers filled with my lunches for Monday and Tuesday. And tomorrow night the dogs are going to be getting some with dinner.

This is definitely a recipe that I will make again . . . and I rarely make anything twice.

note* based on six servings, a serving of this made with white rice is 7 Weight Watchers points.


The TriniGourmet said...

so glad you liked it rachel :D your pictures look so yummy as well :D I like the curliness of American cilantro :D Glad you are making it your own, keeping those cubes and such :D That's what it's all about! :) That calabaza squash saved the day!

Becky said...

This recipe looks so delish, I may have to try it out. BTW, I'm from Tampa too! Although sadly I'm stuck in Boston for law school. I was home in Tampa for winter break and I was loving the super hot weather we've been having down there!

Coffee said...

oh boy!!!! Does that look great!!!!! Thanks rachel!!! Its a wonderful dish :)