Saturday, January 6, 2007

Three Kings Day

Today is Twelfth Night, marking the end of the Christmas holiday. It is the day that the Three Wise Men brought gifts to baby Jesus in the manger and it is celebrated in many parts of the world. I, the un-educated American, no nothing about this. I learned about it from Jeanne who has posted the most interesting article describing it on her blog World on a Plate.

Three Kings Day is name of this holiday in Mexico. Children used to stuff their shoes with hay and leave them outside the night before hoping the Three Kings would leave them gifts. World On A Plate has resurrected their post Rosca de Reyes from their archives for us today. It offers a description of this holiday from around the world, especially Mexico. There is also a recipe for Rosca de Reyes, a cake made in Mexico in honor of this day. It is similar to a Kings Cake with a little treasure inside that we Americans sometimes eat around Mardi Gras.

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