Saturday, January 13, 2007

#76: Crispy Pineapples, Apples and Apricots

Crispy Green Fruit
"real fruit, real taste, nothing else!"

I went digging for a midnight snack last night. I wanted something somewhat light so I tried the Crispy Apricots I received earlier that day from Crispy Green. My package from them included the 6-pack of Crispy Apricots and 6-pack of Crispy Pineapples that I ordered. It also included one package of the Crispy Apples that they provided as a free sample (unlike Kate at Kate in the Kitchen who received 2 free samples!). These Fruit Chips are really dehydrated fruit. I found them because they were listed as #76 on Food & Wine's 100 Tastes to Try.

My first taste of the Crispy Apricots was a bit disappointing. The natural apricot flavor is there for sure, but I felt a bit tricked when eating these. They are crispy and LOVE crunchy snacks but there is no follow through. The fruit disintegrates on your tongue and I finished them feeling unsatisfied.

This morning I tried the Crispy Pineapples and I like them 10x better. They are somehow more fulfilling than the apricot. And pineapple is one of my favorite fruits. I became more excited about this product because the Crispy Pineapples are definitely something I would bring to work as a snack when I'm in a "healthy eating" mood. And since I am attempting to taste everything on Food & Wine's 100 Tastes to Try, I tried the Crispy Apples next.

I really enjoyed the Crispy Apples. I think they are my favorite of the three I tried. They somehow keep the apple consistency after you chew them and they do not disintegrate as easily as the apricots. It may be that I am more familiar with apple being "crispy" because there are so many other apple flavored products out there.

Overall, I think these would be really good for someone who likes to bike or hike or camp alot. They are very tasty and would be a really great snack to throw in your backpack. They are as healthy as fresh fruit because all the nutritional value is retained in the freeze-drying process. I suppose anyone on the go alot would appreciate these, I however would rather have a granola bar or something else as a snack.

note* Each package of crispy fruit is 1 Weight Watchers point. Actually, you can have two packages and it still counts as only 1 point.


Kate said...

I wasn't thrilled about the apricot ones either, and also thought the pineapple were great. Somewhere down the road you ought to try out the peach, they are really, really tasty.

Great write-up!

rachel said...

if i do order these again, i will definitely try the peach!

Claire said...

Okay, this is SO funny! I looked at this last night and then had a DREAM about these. I didn't realize it until I saw the post again. They sound really good but I don't know if I'd go so far as to order them even though it sounds like something I'd like.

More about the dinner party in comments at my blog.

rachel said...

i don't know claire, if you had a dream about it, maybe it's calling you! do you like light and healthy snacks? just don't get the apricot!

Claire said...

I do like light and healthy for sure! Peach sounds good to me, as does pineapple.