Sunday, January 7, 2007

Top 10 Flavor Pairings of 2007

I first read about this over at slashfood. Each year, McCormick, the well-known spice company, creates a list of the top ten flavor pairings (press release) for the upcoming year.

Along with the flavor experts at McCormick, some of America’s top chefs, television personalities, and cookbook authors contributed their thoughts to the Flavor Forecast.

Supposedly, these are the tastes we will be finding on the menus of our favorite restaurants and in new recipes. This year, their predicted flavor pairings are:

* Clove and Green Apple
* Thyme and Tangerine
* Tellicherry Black Pepper and Berry
* Sea Salt and Smoked Tea
* Lavender and Honey
* Crystallized Ginger and Salted Pistachio
* Cumin and Apricot
* Toasted Mustard and Fennel Seeds
* Wasabi and Maple
* Caramelized Garlic and Riesling Vinegar

The all sound interesting to me. Looks like alot of sweet and salty - my favorite combo. I can see sea salt and smoked tea or wasabi and maple flavoring some kind of fish. Lavender and honey sounds like dessert or tea. What does lavender taste like anyways?

UPDATE: McCormick has created a Flavor Forecast 2007 page on their website with further descriptions and recipes.

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