Monday, March 19, 2007

My Celebrity Chef Match

This is a fun quiz I took to find out who which "celebrity chef" I am most like . . .
My celebrity chef match is
The Naked Chef

No cause for alarm! Your cooking counterpart doesn't sauté, simmer, or season in his birthday suit. It's just his take on food prep that's naked. Like Jamie Oliver, you've probably got a low-key, no-frills approach to cuisine — and maybe to life, too!

Whether you're cooking for company or for yourself, you're keen on creating succulent flavors that make your taste buds do summersaults — without spending the whole day slaving over a hot stove. After all, you've got other things to do and places to be. And your knack for keeping up with culinary trends and stripping cooking down to the basics will make your cooking a winning welcome at any meal.

Who’s Your Celebrity Chef Match?
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Kristen said...

What a fun quiz! I'm off to take it now.

Claire said... I took the quiz, but I can't get the site to let me see the results. It keeps saying that I need to enable cookies. I did what I thought I was supposed to, but it still won't let me in. I guess I won't know what celebrity chef I am!

Chris said...

That was fun! My Celebrity Match is "Iron Chef"!

rachel said...

Kristen - What did you get?

Claire - Oh no! I hate when that happens. You should just pick one!

Chris - That is so funny. What do you do, compete with yourself?

Jenifer said...

My celebrity chef match is Emeril Lagasse. I find that a hoot because I hope to eat at his restaurant this weekend, while we are in New Orleans! :)