Saturday, March 24, 2007

#108: Sparkling Wine and Sushi

It's my birthday and I was going to cook some yummy meal, but I was out doing things all day and I decided to treat myself to an awesome sushi dinner. I did get it to go because I had to get home to let the dogs out. But it was still a treat.

I chose this day to crack open the bottle of champagne I bought a while ago. I guess it's actually sparkling wine, but it's the same to me. A few months ago my wine guy recommended this bottle of Mionetto Vinicoltore A Valdobbiadene from Italy. He suggested this when I asked for Sparkling Wine from a Bottle with a Metal Cap which is #108 on F&W's 100 Tastes to Try list for 2007 (since I can't everything on the initial 100, I've added some from the additional 15 suggested on their website).

When preparing to open the bottle I still expected some type of pop! It must be instinct from champagne bottles exploding and the cork hitting the ceiling in the past. But it just popped right off and there was a bit of a fizz sound like the old pop bottles. The wine was just as bubbly as the corked versions.

The wine is sweet and dry. It went really well with the sushi, especially since I like to order spicy sushi. The spicy and rich food vs. the sweet and bubbly wine was an indulgent combo - perfect for my birthday. My friend came over with birthday cake and flowers which as perfect!

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Kristen said...

Happy Birthday to you!!! I hope that you were able to celebrate and to have a wonderful day.