Tuesday, March 20, 2007

#42: Healthy Snack Bars that Taste Great

Listed as #42 on Food & Wine's 100 Tastes to Try in 2007 are Healthy Snack Bars that Pass the Taste Test. The recommended "snack bar" is Gertrude and Bronner's Magic Alpsnacks which can be ordered from drbronner.com. I was hesitant to order these since you can not order an individual bar - you have to order a 12pk for $33.00. I missed the fact that there is a mixed case available and I ordered the Apricots & Cranberries version.

These are really interesting. They are not gooey and sugar-coated like most snack bars. Yet they are not dry and brittle like most health bars. They have a great consistency and satisfying flavor. At first I thought it was kind of nutty tasting. But then I read the ingredients and noticed they are made from hemp, which I had never eaten before. And I liked it alot! I brought the box of snack bars to my office and left it out on my desk. I work in a room with 6 guys and the box was empty when I came into work the second day. Everyone enjoyed them and even asked me if I was going to order some more.

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Kristen said...

Kate sent me some of these awhile back and I really didn't care for them for some reason. I only tried two of the flavors, but they weren't my favorite. She liked them too...maybe my taste buds are just off!