Thursday, December 20, 2007

#24: Grosset's 2006 Polish Hill Riesling

I had a very hard time find Grosset's 2006 Polish Hill Riesling which was the suggested Boutique Aussie Wine listed at #24 on Food & Wine's 100 Tastes to Try. I spent the first half of the year calling distributors and wine warehouses in Tampa trying to get someone to order some for me. It wasn't until I moved back to Chicago that I asked about it at my favorite wine store, Sam's Wine and Spirits, that I got my hands on it. They looked it up in their computer and told me they had some in stock. A "wine guy" took me over and it was the last bottle on the shelf! They had other years but this was the last 2006. I was SO HAPPY! Truth be told, these little quests are part of the fun of doing this list. But I was quite discouraged that I was never going to find this wine.

Since I did get a hold of it, I saved it for my sister. She is a BIG Riesling fan. So I made a big deal about this special wine and don't you know it - she didn't like it. It got a big thumbs down from her. I think this is because she likes sweet Riesling and Polish Hill is dry. It reminded me more of a Pinot Grigio than a Riesling but it was good to me. In fact, I think it was amazing! I am really happy I found it and got to try it this year.

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