Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hot Sour Soup and Cucumber Salad

I'm reviewing some recipes from Kylie Kwong's Simple Chinese Cooking for Paper Palate at The Well Fed Network. They sent three recipes and tonight I tried out the Hot and Sour Soup and Chilled Cucumber Salad. They were both really good, even though I didn't have all the ingredients for the Hot and Sour Soup. It calls for "black cloud ear fungus". I'm not sure that I want to add that even if I can find it at an Asian grocer. I will probably get some since I have to go there to get something for the third recipe.

Update: My review has been published.

This soup was really good and very easy to make so I'll make it again with this extra ingredient to check the difference. Also, the cucumber salad called for 5 small cucumbers and I got those tiny cucumbers. I think it just meant regular cucumbers that are small in size. I had way too much dressing! I'm timing my article to be published in time for Chinese New Year next week. I really like her style in explaining things in the recipes. The book just came out February 1, 2007.


veron said...

Black ear fungus is really good! They are crunchy, I love having them in chinese soup. You should give it a try.

Kitchen Chick said...

That's the tastiest looking hot and sour soup I've seen in a long time!

jo said...

My litmus test of every chinese restaurant is judged by how good theirhot and sour soup is. I can't wait to try that recipe.
Cloud ear(black ear fungus) are strictly for texture not taste. They are shrivly when dry and a bit slippery when reconstituted, but they are very good. Don't fear trying them...and thanks for stopping by.


Tim said...

Kylie Kwon is a favourite of mine - I have not tried the soup though. It is looking like it should be on my list of things to try.