Saturday, February 10, 2007

Anthony Bourdain Guest Blogging Hilarity

I LOVE Anthony Bourdain. Many of us have enjoyed is quick wit and humor through his books and television shows. And now he has taken to blogging! Well, not really, but he has been guest blogging at his friend and fellow author Michael Ruhlman's blog. At the end of January he provided a funny, tell-it-like-it-is assessment Top Chef: Observations and Comments by Anthony Bourdain. On Thursday he turned his attention to The Food Network. His Post, Nobody Asked Me But . . . he provides "some thoughts on the Newer, Younger, More Male-Oriented, More Dumb-Ass Food Network". These crack me up. I hope he keeps this up.

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Kate said...

I read this on Elise's Simply Recipes site and thought it worthy enough to post on my own. Then I read the comments on her site and laughed even more. It seems there is a definite line drawn between those who thing AB is hilarious and spot on, and others who think he is a total a$$ who is overly opinionated and crude.

Well, he is all that, but he is still hilarious.