Saturday, February 2, 2008

#32: RJ's Natural Licorice

I am NOT a black licorice fan. In fact, I usually stay away from anything that reminds me of black licorice - even fennel. So I was a bit disappointed that RJ's Natural Licorice was listed as an example for Old-Fashioned Candy Makes a Comeback, #32 on Food and Wine's 100 Tastes to Try in 2008. But I went ahead and ordered it anyways.

I was a bit surprised that when I took a bit I the "gag reflex" I usually get with black licorice did not kick in. The licorice was very fresh and slightly chewy. It was almost like the black licorice flavor was on the outside, or even in just the smell. It tasted pretty good with a simple black licorice after taste. So I am quite pleased. I'm not sure if all "old fashioned" licorice is this good or just this manufacturer from New Zealand, but it was interesting to try all the same.


Us vs. Food said...

I usually hate black licorice, but I've been seeing this brand at Whole Foods, and something about it is appealing. Maybe I'll actually be moved to buy some now!

rachel said...

Oh man, this is available at whole foods??? I ordered it online and paid shipping and handling!

All the same, if you know someone who likes black licorice I'd get it for them. Then you can have a piece or two and not gag!