Thursday, February 14, 2008

The "most fun" $12 in Chicago

Tonight we went to Brasserie Jo for dinner. They had a special menu for Valentine's Day and they also had a few drink specials. I ordered the "champagne flight" which was to be prepared table side. I assumed this champagne would be like other wine or champagne flights - 4 half-glasses of 4 different types of champagne. I only got 3 different drinks but they were the most amazing creations I have ever seen!

The sommelier wheeled a huge brown cart over to our table. It had candles all over it, a silver wine bucket and a silver tray with three class bottles on it. This is where it got fun! 3 different champagne cocktails were made, each using some very special ingredients. The sommelier explained each ingredient and let us sniff and taste the alcohols separately before mixing together. One was had an apple flavor, one was more orange tasting, and the third one was made with cognac. It truly was a unique experience and I think one of the best values for $12 in all of the city!

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