Tuesday, January 15, 2008

#50: Brookfarm's Australian Macadamias

Everyone knows nuts are supposed to be good for them. They are a "good fat". I happen to love nuts. I got in the habit of having for a snack during diet times. Usually I turn to almonds. I was intrigued that this year Food and Wine list International Nuts for three of their 100 tastes to try in 2008. Listed at #50 are Australian Macadamias and Brookfarm's roasted nuts are highlighted as the example.

I ordered a 3-pack of the Oven Roasted with Kashmiri Chilli Macadamia Nuts from Amazon.com and they are awesome! They come vacuum sealed so they are super-fresh when you open the package. We ate the entire first package in one seating. High quality sea-salt with the fresh macadamia nuts is a great combo, but what really makes these stand out is the chilli flavoring that is added. There is a mild heat that gets stronger the more you eat. These are really great. I think I'm going to order the other versions - one just has sea salt and the other is has bush pepper spice added as seasoning.

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Naomi said...

They are really great with just sea-salt also :) I'm slightly addicted to them to be honest..