Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ming's Mom's 3-2-1 Shrimp

I've been really into Simply Ming lately. I started recording it everyday and then having a Simply Ming marathon on weekends. I love the format of the show. He prepares on "master recipe", which is usually some type of sauce, and then he prepares three recipes using that sauce. In addition, he asks one guest chef to prepare one of their own meals using that sauce. Everyone from Rick Bayless to Sara Moulton to the Two Hot Tamales have appeared on his show.

I decided to make Ming's 3-2-1 Saute Sauce and his Mom's 3-2-1 Shrimp. On the same episode he also used the sauce to make Seared Monkfish with Sweet Onions and Peppers and Crispy Chicken Livers and Scallions. Emeril Lagasse was the guest chef and he made Sauteed Shrimp and Udon Noodles.

The sauce is so yummy! It took a while to prepare because you have to reduce it. But it is super easy to prepare and would be good with any stir-fry. I hope I have to time to try out one of the other recipes or do something else with the leftover sauce.


ExtraAnchovies said...

Hi Rachel! I have been using Ming's Master 3-2-1 sauce for a while now and I love it. I noticed that the link I always use (kept in my recipe folder on computer) has been removed by MING's website and I cannot find this recipe anywhere online anymore. Can you please remind me of what if it's 3 soy, 2 sugat and 1 vinergar? Can't remember...Thanks. Jody

Greg G said...

3 vinegar-2 soy-1 sugar

mother of 3 said...

According to my Marshall Fields cookbook, which has the Ming's 3-2-1 Shrimp Sauce recipe in it, it is 3 parts vinegar, to 2 parts sugar, to 1 part soy. So 1.5 cups rice vinegar + 1 cup sugar + 1/2 cup soy sauce