Monday, November 12, 2007

#40: Southern Italian Wine - Taurasi

I have never heard or Taurasi before. But a new (to me) kind of wine, I'm all game. Food & Wine's 100 Tastes to Try lists Southern Italian Wine as #40 on it's list so I had to hunt it down.

No single wine may better symbolize the renaissance of southern Italian wine than Taurasi, the noble red of Campania. Made from the Aglianico grape, it’s a conundrum—rustic yet refined, long-lived yet often accessible in its youth. Seek out the 2001 Villa Raiano and the voluptuous 2002 Feudi di San Gregorio.

I sought out the Feudi di San Gregorio. I could have sworn I ordered the 2002 online, but they delivered the 1998 to me. It still cost $40! So my mother and I dove in and attempted to "taste" and describe - we had know idea what we were talking about. We decided that it is smooth and does not have an aftertaste which nice in a red wine. But it has some very strong taste - of what we are not sure. We like it though and drank it with some broiled lamb chops and buttered peas. It was nice on a fall night because of the warmth you get while drinking it.

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