Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dinner at Sixteen

Sixteen has one of the best view's in the City of Chicago. While you are in the dining room you are right next to the top of the Wrigley Building and all it's fabulous architecture. The restaurant recently opened and is on the 16th floor of the new Trump Tower which is still under construction in Chicago.

We did the 10-course blind tasting (with drinks) and it was $180! But we decided to do the major-splurge and taste everything the chef had to provide. A few of the courses we the same that were listed on the 6-course tasting so we were a bit disappointed that the blind tasting wasn't complete unique. One of the wines we LOVED on its own but felt that it really did not go with the food at all. In general the food was good but we were only blown away by about three of the ten courses. That being said - it was still good and everything served to the tables around us off of the regular menu looked good as well.

The wait staff is excellent and made sure we were well attended to. They said they were going to email us a list of the food and wines we had with the dinner (since they were not listed at they are with the 6-course menu) but I have not received it yet.

I would definitely consider this for a romantic or special date and even when taking people to dinner when coming from out of town. The hostess told me that in 2009 they are planning on opening the outside patio as a bar and serving tapas. I'll definitely go back to check that out.

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