Monday, March 24, 2008

Thai-Style Beef with Noodles

I haven't made anything from Gourmet Magazine in quite a while so I was determined to find something to make. I decided to try out the Thai-Style Beef with Noodles featured in the February, 2008 issue.

This recipe turned out really amazing! The beef seemed to be a bit plain to me - the marinade didn't really soak in any flavor. But the broth was really impressive. It tasted like real authentic Thai food that I would get in a restaurant. I love when my recipes turn out as flavorful as this.

For me it was fun because I got to use the Le Creuset stove-top grill I bought myself for a Christmas present. While the beef cooked up well on the stove-top grill pan, the vegetables were what I was really amazed with. The grill marks really got in there and they actually tasted like they were grilled outside! The grilled peppers and green onions added a really great taste to this noodle dish.

Three of us ate this for dinner and we all gave it thumbs up. If I make this again though I think I may want to marinate the beef overnight or figure out a stronger marinade to use. I'd keep the broth and the rest of the recipe exactly the same though.

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