Thursday, March 20, 2008

#55: A Salty Chocolate Bar

I love milk chocolate. Sometimes, when I'm really in a pig out mode I like to eat potato chips and chocolate. It has to be good old-fashioned Lay's or some type of plain, greasy, salty potato chips. None of these fancy chocolate-dipped potato chips will do. There is just too much chocolate and not enough salt on those.

Image my surprise when Food & Wine's 100 Tastes to Try in 2008 included a Salty Chocolate Bar as #55 on its list. I was definitely intrigued, and also doubtful. I ordered L’Artigiano’s Salty Chocolate Bar from Worldwide Chocolate. It was $8.99 for the 3.5 ounce milk chocolate bar.

At first I thought this candy didn't taste like anything special. It was good quality milk chocolate so I could not complain. As the last of my first bite melted away on my tongue, I started tasting the salt. Hm, I think I needed to do that again. So the second piece went down. Definitely more salt this time. Flakes of sea salt are right inside the chocolate - you can see them!

Overall, this candy bar is pretty good. It is definitely something interesting and unique so I'm glad I tried it. However I'm not sure if it completely addresses my salty/sweet craving. I miss the crunch and grease of my potato chips. So, while I do enjoy this candy bar, I think I will still turn to my Lay's chips and Lindt truffles for my fix.

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