Sunday, March 30, 2008

#51: Nuts + Nuts Roasted Cashews

I am becoming quite spoiled and really starting to enjoy good, gourmet nuts. They are such a satisfying snack! I know people have been saying that for a long time, but I always thought of nuts as something to snack on at a bar, not something to keep in the house unless a certain recipe called for them.

When Food & Wine Magazine listed three types of international nuts on their 100 Tastes to Try list for 2008, I ordered them right away. We went through the Australian macadamia nuts (#50) rather quickly and have since placed three re-orders. More recently we tried the Indonesian cashews (#51). These I ordered from Nuts + Nuts in all four flavors: original (mixture of sweet and salt taste), lightly salted, honey sesame, and spicy (has bits of lime leaves and cut chillies). They are ALL GOOD! Honestly, I do not have a favorite.

The first ones I tried were the honey sesame and I was sure nothing could taste better than those. Then I tried the spicy and I thought there was a tie. Original is unique too and I figured the three flavors will be my preference over the plain ones. I finally tasted the plain ones and who would have though a plain, lightly salted, cashew would taste to good. I think the secret is the freshness. Each package is vacuum sealed.

I have a feeling I'll be ordering another round of nuts from them again. At only $3.00 a pack they are quite affordable. The company website is still not operational but you can order by contacting them via phone or email. Lucky for me I still have a few packs left.

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Anonymous said...

Rachel-hello I am your BBM partner-your package is coming-my email had been spamming out the mail from The Happy Sorceress, however we have fixed it. I am going shopping for you today.