Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sushi Wabi

I have a simple theory when it comes to sushi: if the spicy tuna roll is good, then you can pretty much order anything off the menu and it will be good too. I have tried sushi all over and this rule works very well for me. If the sushi roll is boring and the rice is kind of icky, I order very conservatively because i do not trust the place. If the spicy tuna roll is fresh, unique and well seasoned, then I feel free to order anything the server recommends.

My favorite sushi restaurant in Chicago is Sushi Wabi. In fact, I have probably been to Sushi Wabi more than any other restaurant in the city. This means I go about four times a year since I don't do repeats very often - but for me this is a big thing.

Most recently my friend and I came here after an I/T seminar and since we didn't have reservations (and we didn't want to be rushed) we sat at the sushi bar. Tables at Sushi Wabi are well desired! We had a great time sitting at the sushi bar because lots of singles were coming in for a quick bite and we end up making conversation with them. Of course we were right next to the sushi chefs and they were all very friendly. After we picked a few things off the menu we asked them for some suggestions. I ended up eating sea urchin with a raw quail egg!

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emiglia said...

I totally agree with you on the spicy tuna thing. I rank either by that, or by the omelette nigiri. Either way, if one of them is not so tasty, I'd rather spend my money elsewhere.