Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bluprint Chicago

I can't believe what a gem this is. Located in the back of the Merchandise Mart, Bluprint is a high quality restaurant that has been open for about one year. I ate dinner here on a Friday night prior to seeing a show at The Chicago Theater. The food was so amazing - my friend (a vegetarian) and I were blown away by the flavors that come out of the food which are a surprise just by looking at it.

I had a Strawberry Fields (Hendrick's gin, fresh strawberries & lime, cilantro) at the bar before we were seated. Now, usually I'm a strawberry hater, but the weather is just starting to get nice so I gave it a try at the recommendation of the bar tender. WOW! It was so refreshing and tasty. I need to find a recipe using this combination of ingredients - minus the gin.

Once seated, we ordered a bottle of white wine and ordered the kona kampachi appetizer. It was a little bit small to share but we both had a taste and along with the fish there was some type of cucumber jelly, strawberries and a really interesting berry sorbet. For dinner I had the amish chicken which was no where near as boring as it sounds. It came with braised pheasant ravioli, spicy yam, toasted hazelnut and forest mushrooms. There was some type of four-spice foam on top as well. The coolest part was that the yam and the hazelnut looked like it was broken pieces of brittle, but really it was a sauce. I have no idea how they did that but major thumbs up for the presentation on this one.

My friend got a vegetarian entree that had mushrooms and I did have a bit but I was so pleased with mine I forgot to pay attention to hers. Instead of something sweet for dessert we ordered the artisan cheese plate. This was nearly a meal by itself because in addition to four cheese, there was a plate full of bread, some cherry sauce and candied nuts. YUM!

The ONLY negative thing I have to say about this restaurant is that there aren't that many people here. It is super cute and seems like it should be packed with a fun vibe at all times. The bar is spacious and offers super creative drinks. I'd love to come here and hang out after work, except there aren't that many people there. So you all must go and check it out and have a drink. I usually don't repeat restaurants, since there are so many in Chicago to go to, but this one is so good that I need to come back and bring my family and close friends so they can see what they are missing.

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